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New Zealand owned and operated

Blackley Construction continues to operate after 60-years, and remains a New Zealand owned and operated – as seen in their new promotional video that showcases the business’ history and involvement with the community.

Blackley Construction is operated from Manawatū, New Zealand and has assisted in the development of over 2,000 projects – including over 10 wind farms since 1998.

Originally established by Graeme Blackley, the family business was passed down to Graeme’s eldest son, Kevin Blackley – the current Managing Director.

The rural and civil construction infrastructure specialists provide a range of services from civil pipe laying, farms races, underpasses, dams, water schemes, drainage, and direct cable and pipe laying systems.

Kevin Blackley states that they “were pivotal to the construction of over ten wind farms across New Zealand. From the Tararua’s in ’98, through to Turitea today. That’s over 400 turbines keeping the lights on for Kiwis across the country generating clean and renewable energy.”

The business has also been involved with the development of local city infrastructure, keeping New Zealanders moving and connected without disruption.

They have also helped farmers and the environment through the installation of critical effluent storage systems, land drainage, and more.

“We look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions to your construction challenges, New Zealand. You keep doing what you’re doing – and we’ll continue to be by your side.”
213 Stoney Creek Road, RD10, Palmerston North, 4470

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